I know I must die
It’s too soon I know
Please stop all those tears
I’m blessed, content
For a soldier like me
To die with his family is everything
I’ll be with you always.
Tough nights are coming, we will overcome
We are all strong men
Loved ones are watching
Be proud of ourselves, we will be home soon

This is our choice, our world, our freedom
This is our voice, we live, we fight.
Our brothers have died
Death will make us strong
Now it's more clear right and wrong
No one else will die, It's an oath on blood
We'll fight, there's no time to cry
Now we will stand strong, we are not alone
We will avenge them
We will fight for their names
We will make them pay.
Blood brutally red
Revenge kept us alive for a while
Delirium path with no end
Ways without God
War our meaning of life
Death close and insane
It’s the dark age
Fade out no more tomorrow
Days filled with sorrow
Days filled with pain.
Now I see that enemies and friends
Share the blood of humanity
We should value life
We should value life
Of a close one
Of a stranger.
Tonight life seems so vast
I know I lived so fast
You my Claire make my life seem so calm
You give me light
Now I can die
With no fear
With no hate
Now I see
You will grow wise
That was my fate
Please be all I could never be.